Izola goes to Woodstock

At summer of 1969 I was living with Robert Crumb. Great artist. I admire him a lot. But really strange person. We had a wonderful time together till the day I asked him to come with me to a big rock festival at Woodstock, N.Y. Rob refused. He always prefered to stay at home and seldom went out. He tried to convince me to stay with him. 

Rob's ultimate argument was the Greek Sisters, a rip off comic story I was making then as a feminine answer to Gilbert Shelton's Freak Brothers.

Rob freaked out and collapsed. I run away.

For a hitch hicker it's a long long way from San Francisco to New York. Fortunately I was lucky to meet some flower power guys who took me to their flower power van.

So I traveled nice and easy and we all arrived at Woodstock on time. I was broke because I had left all my things in San Francisco, but there were three days of love and music ahead, before I confront the problem.

Some of the scheduled performers didn't appear on time, so John Sebastian, one of the flower power van guys, volunteered to perform till the first arrival. He asked for my assistance: "Let's give the audience a Lovin' Spoonful together, Izola".
It was a triumph! Thanks to this John was later inducted to the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame. 

For me the important thing was that the promoters gave us 1000 bucks for our performance. So when the festival was over, I had 500 big ones in my pocket to go back to my country, my language and my era.